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"The thanks really goes to u and Jason. I must say.. u did an amazing job. The attention to detail, service and delicious food all made for a perfect night!!  I am so appreciative to be able to count on my thyme for our catering needs. Thank u again. Please forward to Jason!!  Hope to speak with you soon"

 "Everything was WONDERFUL!!  The servers were excellent as usual.  Yes, we did have a lot of leftovers because about 15 were no shows at the last minute.  But all is well because the food was soooooooooo good that those who attended were delighted to be able to take plates home with them. Again, thank you for all of your help.  My Thyme is the best and we heard it over and over again how delicious the food was"

 "Oh my God, you and your crew are amazing.  I am going to write you guys up for my synagogue's listserve and recommend you to anyone I see!  Let me know if I should write a review in any online thing and I will!"

 "Hands down best catering I have ever had!! Jason and Michael were a dream team. And the food was superb. 

"Thank you so much for making the Bat Mitzvah reception a super hit. The food was simply outstanding. This is especially true since we had some real foodies in the crowd that tend to be hyper critical. Every one of them told me how wonderful the food was. As I ate in stages, each item was savored and special. The beef was impeccable and several of my relatives wanted to know if there was any leftover. You will come highly recommended to all that ask. As I said you made the night very special and I appreciate it."

"We cannot thank you enough for Saturday night--everything was amazing!! The food, the staff, the flexibility and creativity were all outstanding! We hope that everyone who shared their fabulous impressions of you and your staff will follow up on their promise to call!"

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10 Year Anniversary  

established in 2003


If you’re already familiar with us, you know the dedication and passion we have for our food and for our clients.   With a commitment to providing exceptional service from start to finish, we’ll work with you in customizing a menu that fits your style and budget, outfit your event with all the equipment and staff you may need, and impress you with an experience that you and your guests will rave about!

Jason Stum 

L'Academie de Cuisine Graduated with Honors

Persimonn Restaurant,  Bethesda Maryland

La Valencia Hotel, San Diego California

2941, Falls Church Virginia